4 Things to Do Before You Meditate for the First Time

The honest truth is.... You don't need to do anything. Just sit your butt down, close your eyes, and breathe.

Simple huh?

It is and it isn't. The thing is, humans have very powerful brains that are extremely complex and so we tend to take things that are simple and make them well...complex.

The following tips will help you in getting started with your meditation practice. The hardest part is just that- GETTING STARTED.

  1. Pick Your Spot: find a place in your home or your yard or anywhere you can get to easily on a daily basis. Declare that spot as YOUR spot. It should be somewhere that you can access easily, somewhere that has little to no distraction and somewhere that you will be uninterrupted.
  2. Personalize Your Spot: bring in a few things to help make this spot yours. For example, candles, a diffuser, a comfy pillow to sit on, perhaps pictures of things that calm you down (the beach, a waterfall, trees....) or that inspire you (the house of your dreams, your family, an idol or someone you look up to). Remember, this area should be simple and distraction free, so don't bring too much!
  3. Find a Guided Meditation: I highly recommend starting with guided meditation. Choose just one or a few to use while you are getting started. YouTube, iTunes, Google... You can find recordings very easily on the Internet. Find one that APPEALS to you - that's the key. Every person vibrates at a different frequency, so different vibrations affect each of us in different ways- you want to make sure that the guided meditation you will listen to daily is led by someone who's voice you enjoy and has background music or sounds that make you feel GOOD (i.e., relaxed, happy)
  4. Commit!!!: This is the golden ticket. Having your perfect spot and an audio CD is awesome, but it won't sit you on your butt and it won't make you close your eyes. Only YOU can do that. Commit to meditation daily for at least ONE week. The amount of time doesn't really matter- maybe it's 5 minutes daily, or the duration of one guided meditation that you really enjoy, or whatever. You are really working on BUILDING a good habit here. Trust me, you will see results that will keep you coming back for more. Also, create intention around your commitment- purpose is power.

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Danielle Cosgrove