What I Need To Change About Myself


I’m a problem solver. Always looking for what’s missing and how to change or update it. That makes me really creative, innovative, successful.

It also makes me really really hard and down on myself sometimes. I constantly look for what’s wrong about me, what do I need to fix or change? Do I need to run more? Wake up earlier? Eat less donuts? Switch to tea? What would make me more desirable or more worthy?

The big update comes when I make the choice to stop looking at myself, my features and qualities as problems. They’re not. They’re characteristics. Every part every piece every pound every sound every word.... it’s all me.

It’s not a problem, I’m not a problem to solve or fix. I’m a human being. 
I said the right thing, I’m doing GREAT!
There is nothing missing. 
There. Is. Nothing. To. Change.

Danielle Cosgrove