An Ode to Yoga Teachers.

I took an amazing class this afternoon that had my mind on a special kind of a wave length as I laid there in Savasana. The teacher played something like Natalie Merchant and it got me thinking about my first teacher, Kelly, and my first year of practicing yoga. All of the things I thought yoga was, what I realized it is NOT....

Yoga is... well, it's a lot of things.

It's also NOT a lot of things....
It's not religion. Yoga is not a cult. Yoga is not exercise. Yoga is not fitness. Yoga is not scary. Yoga is not exclusive. Yoga is not for people who are flexible. Yoga is not for losing weight. Yoga is not easy. Yoga is not hard.

Yoga is....
It's connection. Yoga is gratitude. Yoga is inspiration. Yoga is culture. Yoga is community. Yoga is uplifting. Yoga is empowering. Yoga is movement. Yoga is a movement. Yoga is stillness. Yoga is meditation. Yoga is breathing. Yoga is energy. Yoga is a lifestyle. Yoga is a way of being.

Laying there in savasana I was moved. Moved by my own breath, moved by the breathing of others around me. I was so moved, and yet so still. I couldn't avoid the train of thoughts in my head, reminding me that this IS what I am meant to do.
Not to "teach yoga" but to BE yoga, to BE connection, to BE gratitude, to BE inspiration, to BE part of a community, to BE a movement. How lucky I am that I got involved in a culture, a community, of GREATNESS.

Yoga teachers around the world, recognize how BIG your position is; not only are you teaching people to move, you are teaching them to BE moved. By their own breath, their own energy, their own GREATness.

To you, I say... YOU... are Yoga.
Continue on the path... you are amazing.

Danielle Cosgrove