Reservoir of Vitality


I love going to trainings- I always come back feeling refreshed, renewed, and READY.

Sometimes a good book is like that too- something new to feed the ever-hungry appetite of my lifetime-student-soul. 

When it showed up in my life, Perfectly Imperfect was, well, perfect. Just what I needed at just the right time.


The greatest morsel I have gotten so far is related to pranayama. As far as I've always learned and understood the word pranayama, it means the practice of breathing in purposeful, rhythmic patterns. Essentially controlling your breath so it flows in a particular way to create a particular result. I have a new understanding of it now.

Here is the excerpt from Baron's book that changed everything for me:

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 8.35.59 PM.png

Infinite expansion of vital energy found in breathing. SAY WHAT?! Can someone please repeat that to me over and over as I'm moving through practice?

And it gets better. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 8.36.44 PM.png

I encourage you to explore what comes to you from reading this. Play with what it feels like to not CONTROL but rather BE your breath. BE the flow. BE the reservoir.

Danielle Cosgrove