What if I Gave Up "I Can't?"

So... for a few months now I have been working on manifesting Level 2, but I've kept coming back to "I can't".... I can't afford it, I can't take off from work, I can't make the time, I can't put myself in debt like that.....Until a gentle (ha!) reminder from Baron popped into my brain. WHAT WOULD LIFE LOOK LIKE if I dropped "I can't"??? WELL.. It would look like a trip to Sedona in October for Level 2!!!!!

I decided to reach out to those who support me and lift me up the most.. I created a gofundme account and I'm reaching out to those of you who have been supporting me from near and far during and throughout the last few years in my journey as a yoga teacher.

I pasted the post from gofundme below and THIS is the link to get to the actual gofundme page.

My name is Danielle, and I am a yogi, reaching out for some support.

I am manifesting my way to a training in October 2016:
Baptiste Yoga's Level 2: The Sannyasin's Journey

The program is expensive, but absolutely worth it. The total cost without flights/travel will be $4100.
If 293 people donate just the cost of ONE yoga class $14, I would have my goal!!!! 

So.....Why? Because it will change YOUR life! 
That will make more sense if you read my story below ;)

The Story (they say I tell a good story....):
At first, I wanted to write above that "I'm a yoga teacher" but truly, it's way more than that. I do teach yoga classes, lots of them to lots of people and....I'mthe teacher, yes, but from my students I learn. I learn how to SHOW UP, I learn how to stay grounded, I learn how to support anyone for any reason, I learn patience, I learn kindness, I learn STRENGTH, I learn...how to serve.Every time I step into the role of "yoga teacher," I become a student: totally absorbed in the study of service.

The practice, the teaching, the studying, the learning of YOGA  has transformed me from an awkward, relatively interesting human with eh,some direction, to an AMAZING, PRESENT human on a PATH and with a MISSION.

I want to help YOU discover how that is possible for you too. Because it is. For every person on this planet.

Last year I was gifted with a trip to Baptiste Yoga's Level 1: Journey Into Power. I had NO idea how much that training would shake up my life. When I returned to my job as Studio Manager and Lead Instructor, I was LAUNCHED into a version of myself that was INSPIRED, IGNITED and GREAT.

I know Level 2 will take me to even greater heights. I know it will give me skills to become an even more POWERFUL teacher, student and servant in my community and on an even greater scale. I want to be better, I want to be stronger, I want to be the GREATEST version of me that I can be. For you. For you and you and you and you. For the day you come in and decide to do your first Handstand. For the day you email me asking for help on a new pose you just tried. For the time you bring your friend who has never even SEEN a yoga mat let alone done yoga. For the moment you think you are about to COLLAPSE from plank, but you dont because why....? Because I AM there, strong, steady, and great FOR YOU.

I want to serve through teaching, I want to EMPOWER everyone I come in contact with. Please, help send me to Level 2 so I can come back RIP ROARIN and READY to serve and empower YOU, and YOU, and YOU!!!

Danielle Cosgrove